While the first and second industrial revolution introduced mechanization and mass production, the third wave is about sustainability, meeting precise individual needs and creating a more inclusive environment. Entering the working world for the first time can be a frightening undertaking. Our minds are fresh out of high school or college, left with the question swerving in our head on: 

How we want to start our career?

Use this guideline as a workshop with yourself. Note your answers and reflect.

Times have changed drastically. We can barely ask parents or educators for advice on career choices. The new fields and profiles on the labor markets differ from those of previous generations. While scrolling through Job ads, we encounter descriptions such as “Change Ambassador “, „Organizational Designer” etc., the list is endless. Making it hard to grasp what is actually behind these roles. Given that educational training, is based on old professions that are being discontinued from the Job market. Leaving job market entrants, with little to no guidance on how to make the right choice for their careers. 

We have compounded 7 key questions Young leaders can use as guidance:

What do I want to spend my time with professionally?

Given that your educational background is not the only indicator that can give you a professional direction. Starting off by finding out if you are a hands-on person or an academic person, can be a good starting point. Go off and ask yourself in which sectors and industries are interesting. What topics or developments do you like to be involved in? “Will you have a smile on your face seeing your firms name on the news being praised for a big infrastructure project?”

Will this Job contribute to the vision I have for myself?

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” given the words from Henry Ford. Our first job should be filled with challenges that enable a steep learning curve, to help you become confidant in your abilities. Always strive to learn as much as you can. If you have the feeling you are not learning anymore, it is an indicator that you have outgrown your role and a change needs to happen.

Will my input have the right impact?

The one of the most empowering feelings is that what you feel when the work you do adds value to your environment. A few questions you can ask yourself to asses. Are you pushing an agenda forward that you believe in, are people really benefiting from your input? Does the big picture align with that of your career path?

Which type of people do I want to surround myself with?

The people you surround yourself can help you pull of the unimaginable. The first job can be a great opportunity to build you a sustainable network. You never know when you will need to fall back on a person you have shared a great experience with. 

Do I like taking full responsibility? 

Being in the driver’s seat of your own career is important. If you feel comfortable stepping up to the task and portraying a sense of ownership, this is a clear indicator for leadership.

Do I like solving problems or do I prefer exact instructions?
Jan M. Urayeneza has given interdisciplinary workshops in design thinking.

If you find yourself taking initiative and creatively approaching problems and feel an urge to take problems, you see in your environment. If you are more of a pure analytical thinker and prefer exact instructions and topics to work on you might lean towards bureaucratic job roles. 

Will I have enough time with my family?

In an economical way, we have to give back to our families what they invested. The form of payback should be in quality time, rather than in money or equivalents. This motivation is what differentiates people with ethics from people without. Always keeping in mind will the job help you achieve your family goals. 

The 7 Key questions should be applied as a workshop you can do on your own in preparation, for the search of your first job. After you have narrowed down your search. A lot of companies appreciate it, if you give them a call and show genuine interest to find out what the job is about and how the day to day activities look like. At the end of the day you want to make the right choice for your career, do not hesitate to try to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

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Jan Morgan Urayeneza

Advisor in Deal Advisory – Restructuring at KPMG Luxembourg. He holds a B.A. Business Management from Trier University of Applied Sciences - Business School. After the completion of his studies, Jan Morgan joined KPMG Luxembourg in April 2018 and is now working as an Adviser in Restructuring. He has a strong background across business management aspects which he acquired during his studies and practical work experience. He is currently supporting companies in their ambitions to restructure their business operations to fit the new age. He is specialized in topics such as organizational design and planning, new work and digitalization as well as product and services realignment.